Springdale Public Schools
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Arkansas Activities Association
Everett Chevrolet NWA
Ozarks Electric Cooperative
Elite Edge Athletic Solutions
Deandre Murray – All-State/All-Conference
Joe Burlingame – Academic All-Conf.
Clay Patrick – All-State/All-Conference
Garrett Tallman – Academic All-Conf.
Clay Patrick – Academic All-Conf.
Jay Patrick – All-Conference
Juan Gonzalez– Academic All-Conf.
Cua Rose – All- Conference
Jay Patrick – Academic All-Conf.
Edwin Espinosa – All-Conference
Zach Hodges– Academic All-Conf.
Wyatt Whatley – All-Conference
Austin Jarrett– Academic All-Conf.

Joe Burlingame – All-Conference
Neal Parsons– Academic All-Conf.
Edwin Espinosa – Academic All-Conf.
Chris Owens - 2nd Team All-Conference
Brayden Mayo – Academic All-Conf.
Will Whatley – 2nd Team All-Conference
Johnny Lemari – Academic All-Conference
Zach Burton - Academic All-Conference
Neal Parsons – Hon. Men. All- Conf.
Jay Patrick– Team Captain
Jesus Leon - Hon. Men. All- Conf.
Will Whatley– Team Captain
Scotty Eaton - Hon. Men. All- Conf.
Joe Burlingame– Team Captain
Josiah Wymer – Hon. Men. All-Conf.
Clay Patrick– Team Captain

Cua Rose – KRUM Dream Team
Clay Patrick – KRUM Dream Team
Jay Patrick - KRUM Dream Team
Deandre Murray - KRUM Dream Team, Channel 5 All-NWA Team
Deandre Murray, Clay Patrick, and Cua Rose
Zach Hodges – Bandon Burlsworth Award
Clay Patrick – Wendy’s High School Heisman Winner
Deandre Murray and Cua Rose - The Media All-NWA Team
2012 Post-Season Awards